Spring: Renewal and Regrowth

Spring seems to finally be making its way to beautiful Jackson, NH!  The sun is shining, the snow is melting and soon enough, the renewal and regrowth that comes with spring
in the Mt. Washington Valley will be upon us!

While our landscapes are busy blooming, The Wentworth is also going through a bit of a renewal and growth of its own!  Normally a slow time of year in the valley, there are lots of new things happening at The Wentworth!  Our Thornycroft Cottage is undergoing a major renovation that will allow us to service our guests even better than before!

The new Thornycroft Cottage will feature a larger, state of the art kitchen, a new gym facility with private massage rooms and twelve new deluxe hot tub suites.  These new suites will feature a king bed, gas fireplace, a separate parlor and a hot tub on a
private balcony.  The addition is scheduled to open in July 2014, and we already have guest reservations for the new suites in the months following!

Since the former Thornycroft Suite was our “Honeymoon Suite”, we will be designating one of the new suites as such.  I can’t express enough how excited our brides and grooms are to be able to be some of the first to experience these beautiful new rooms!

The new building is coming along nicely as you can see in the photos above taken on April 8th.  There is still work to be done, but we are very excited about the results so far and can’t wait for the finished product!  We are confident that the already excellent experience that guests are accustomed to at The Wentworth will be elevated to a new level of relaxation and enjoyment!


Spa Services at The Wentworth

The Wentworth is excited to offer our new in room spa service! From the comfort and privacy of your room enjoy deep-tissue massages, wraps, exfoliations and more. Our qualified massage therapists will ensure a relaxing and healing experience for you.

Choose from the following menu:

Essential Escape Massage

Our most popular massage designed and customized for each individual to promote relaxation, rejuvenation, reducing muscle tension and improving overall wellness.

60 minute ~ $90.00
90 minute ~ $120.00

River Stone Massage

This massage incorporates warm Basalt Stones by warming the muscles and melting away the tension.

60 minute ~ $100.00
90 minute ~ $130.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed for those who like deeper more specific bodywork on multiple target areas. * 90 minute session recommended.

60 minute ~ $100.00
90 minute ~ $130.00

The Wentworth Wrap

After a stimulating dry exfoliation a rich balm is applied to the skin that warms and melts for deep hydration. While wrapped in warm blankets experience an aromatherapy face and scalp massage.

50 minute ~ $85.00

Sea Salt Therapy

This full body exfoliation with armoatherapy sea salt scrub will smooth and detoxify the skin. Then the body will be hydrated leaving a silky smooth finish. This service can also be a beautiful addition to any massage treatment.

30 minute ~ 65.00

Couples Therapy ~ Enjoy any of our treatments along side your friend or loved one.

Call us today at 800-637-0013 to add any one of these services to your reservation.


Historic Wedding Proposal

In 1869, Joshua Trickey built The Wentworth as a wedding gift to his daughter Georgia Trickey and her husband-to-be, General Marshall Wentworth.  Before they were to be married, General Wentworth respectfully asked Mr. Trickey for his daughters hand in marriage.  We are lucky enough to have this very personal and intimate hand written letter at our historic hotel to this day.  It reads:

New York Nov 30th, 1869

Mr. J. Trickey My dear and respected Sir:

I thank you very much for your favorable answer to my proposal. I never can be grateful enough for the happiness you have bestowed upon me, rest assured that I shall always strive to merit your approbation. I think I can make your daughter happy- we love each other devotedly and are very anxious for your consent to marriage the 1st week in June 1869- and if we can get your consent we shall be very happy- it is very hard for us to be separated from each other for so long- but if you give us your consent to our union then it will not seem half so long and besides it will make us very happy.

I am very anxious to see your lovely daughter once more- it seems an age since I saw her. You can imagine how I feel to be separated from a lady that I love better than my life for two long years and not once having the pleasure of seeing her in the whole time.

Hoping that you will consider my proposal in as favorable a light as you did my other- I thank you again very kindly and close- hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours very respectfully, Marsh C. Wentworth
219 East 69th Street, NY


With such great history, it is only natural for The Wentworth to be considered as one of the most romantic and elegant wedding destinations of the Mount Washington Valley.


Special Offer for the Special Couple!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to those of you who do not already know me.  My name is Kathleen DeVitto and I have had the pleasure of being The Wentworth’s Sales/Wedding Administrator for the past 4+ years.  I am one of the very few people out there who can actually say they enjoy what they do on a day to day basis.  Who wouldn’t enjoy meeting happy bridal couples and hearing their love story?

Planning a wedding can be somewhat nerve wracking, confusing and out right stressful for many brides to be.  There are so many little details that go into planning a memorable day that often times brides overlook.  That’s where I come in.  I will work with each bridal couple every step of the way.  We’ll chat about how they envisioned their day to be and then we’ll come up with creative ideas on how to execute. I keep my couples on track and focused on what details need to be planned next all while still making sure they are having fun, enjoying the process and not losing site of what the day is truly about.

Here we are, the beginning of February, and I can say we are just about booked for every weekend for the rest of 2013.  I do have a couple of weekends open still for July if there are any bridal couples looking to tie the knot soon.  Having as much experience as I do, planning a wedding for this July gives me more than enough time to gather details and customize a spectacular wedding weekend.  Remember, I’ll be there every step of the way to guide you through it.

It is my goal to have all my weekends booked with weddings for the year.  To help with this I would like to present a special offer to any bridal couple who books their wedding with me to be held in the month of July 2013 with a special discount of 100% off our regular tent rental fee of $2750.

For more information please contact me through email at kathleen@thewentworth.com or by calling 1-800-637-0013.

I look forward to creating a magical and memorable day with you!


Jackson’s Pumpkin People

The Wentworth's entry for the pumpkin people

It is almost that time of year again when the pumpkin people of Jackson make their annual appearance. This will be the 25th year that Jackson Village has hosted this event. Starting in 1987 there were 17 entries and this year there will be 74 pumpkin displays. As you drive through the village with your self guided map pumpkin heads of many makes and models will pop up at local inns and businesses. We have seen Johnny Cash, John Lennon and Yoko, Doctor House, among many over the years.

Our entry this year is a trio of leprechauns all the way from Ireland with their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Leprechauns spend all of their time busily making shoes and store alway all of their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If ever captured by a human the Leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release. Another favorite pastime of these little guys is to play practical jokes on people.

Come and see us soon, Jackson at this time of year is such a beautiful time to visit. The colors are starting to change to brilliant red, yellow and orange and beautiful drives through our notches are one of the best ways to see the fall colors. Fryeburg fair is another popular way to spend a day in the White Mountains.

Whatever the reason, there is always a reason to visit us at The Wentworth and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Lots of things happening at The Wentworth!

April and May are typically considered “slow season” among the locals here in the valley, but The Wentworth is anything but “slow”!  We have so much going on to keep us all busy during our Mud Season.

I can’t even explain how excited I was when I came down the stairs from my office and looked out the back porch to see that our tent was just put up.  How can that be exciting you ask?  Seeing this tent is the first sign that the wedding season is upon us.  We have our first tent wedding next month!  Ashley’s wedding is going to be amazing!

Our maintenance department is surely keeping busy as well.  So many projects for them to do.  They just completed the last of the bathrooms in the main inn.  What a great job they did!  This compliments the new bedding and carpets we just added to the rooms in the main inn wonderfully.  Did I mention all new flat screen TV’s in all the standard/superior rooms? 

Fritz, the owner, always tells us how important a guests’ first impression is.  With that said, we just completed the new decking at the main entrance and wrap around porch.  It looks gorgeous!  Nice and fresh looking!

A couple other projects we have going on within the next month is updating our bar/lounge area.  We’ll be turning this into an updated piano bar.  It’ll look great.  I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.  Lastly, but certainly not least, we will be transforming our gift shop into an art gallery.  Fritz’s son, Erik Koeppel, is quite the artist.  He’s done very well for himself in NY and is now a full time resident of Jackson.  There is something to be said about the beauty here in Jackson to have someone of his talent level want to move here for his inspiration.

As you can see, we are busy busy busy!  Stop in and take a look at all that’s going on or perhaps make a reservation to stay with us so you can take advantage of the low season rates.

Artist Weekend with Classes in Traditional Oil Painting

Traditional Oil Painting

July 5th – July 8th 2012 -  An introduction to Traditional Outdoor Oil Painting in the footsteps of the White Mountain Painters

 Have you always had an interest in landscape painting but never had the opportunity or time – this weekend will give you the opportunity to receive instruction in the fundamentals of landscape painting with personal instruction from two of the art worlds most promising painters. This workshop is open to all levels and with two instructors and limited to twelve students the workshop will offer extra personal attention to each student’s individual interests and needs. You will be painting in locations actually portrayed by the White Mountain School and by doing this will discover a deeper understanding of how these artists approached the challenge of rendering the landscape before them.

Your weekend will begin on Thursday evening with a wine and cheese reception where you will meet your fellow students and the art  instructors Erik Koeppel and Lauren Sansaricq. There will be a display of some of their most recent paintings of the White Mountains and they will give a talk on their methods and what to expect from your workshop.

Friday and Saturday mornings will start with a full breakfast and then you head off for a day of painting in the beautiful White Mountains. Instructors will demonstrate and discuss techniques in the morning and will guide students through their own paintings in the afternoons. The first day will cover drawing and under painting and the second day will cover glazing and refining your first day’s work in the same location. Lunch will be provided as a boxed lunch. Dinner both evenings will be as a group at The Wentworth Dining Room with a four course dinner being served. You will be painting in the same spot both days and by Sunday morning your painting will be glazed, framed and ready for you to take home.

On Sunday morning your day will again begin with a full breakfast followed by a visit to the Jackson Historical Society to view 19th Century White Mountain paintings and discuss their technique.

Three night package for one person $1105.00 in our standard accommodations and should be booked directly with The Wentworth by calling us at 800-637-0013 and speaking with Kathleen DeVitto. The package is available as a single occupancy, double occupancy with both guests painting or just one painting and also upgrades to deluxe rooms with king bed, gas fireplace and oversized whirlpool tubs are available. A list of painting materials that you will need will be discussed with you and specific questions regarding the materials and the painting aspect of the workshop should be directed to Lauren Sansaricq by e-mailing her at Laurensansaricq@gmail.com

Remember – this workshop is open to ALL levels.

Artist- Erik Koeppel

A Friendly Competition between the Jackson Fire Department and the Bartlett Fire Department

On Friday, February 3rd, The Wentworth hosted its first ever Broom Ball game behind the hotel on our freshly groomed ice skating rink.  This was brought on by a challenge from the Jackson Fire Department toward the Bartlett Fire Department.  What is broomball you ask…. 

“In a game of broomball there are two teams, each consisting of six players: a goaltender and five others. The object of the game is to score more goals than your opponent. Goals are scored by hitting the ball into your opponent’s net using your broom. Tactics and plays are similar to those used in sports such as ice hockey.

Players hit a small ball around the ice with a stick called a “broom.” The broom may have a wooden or aluminum shaft and has a rubber-molded triangular head similar in shape to that of a regular broom. Players wear special rubber-soled shoes instead of skates, and the ice is prepared in such a way that it is smooth and dry to improve traction.”

It was a great night and alot of fun was had by all.  We had our fire pit roaring to keep spectators warm and of course there were plenty of marshmallows available for roasting.  The final friendly score was 3-1 with Jackson coming out victorious. 

The Wentworth 18th Annual Ice Carving Competition

On Monday, January 9th we had nine carvers from around New England carve 300 lb blocks of ice into clowns, dragons, fish, a margarita bar, angels and even a road runner. Over the years we have seen these sculptures melt in as little as a few days or last until the middle of March.
Starting last year we had our own competition for those on our e-mail guest list and facebook friends. By submitting a guess as to the date when the last ice sculpture would topple, those with the correct date were entered into a draw to win a two night stay in a deluxe suite. We received over 2,000 guesses and the lucky winner is actually using her certificate on a Sunday and Monday this coming February.

Again this year we are holding the same competition – the guesses this year are a little more conservative due to how warm this winter has been so far. We actually have had to only eliminate 20 guesses so far. Pictured above is this years winner Dennis Hickey of Ice Breakers a regular participant in our ice carving competition. Make sure that you join our mailing list and like us on Facebook for updates on future events and competitions.

Winter fun at The Wentworth

With winter season under way and not too much snow on the ground, we just wanted to let you know of the many activities available to our guests. All of the downhill ski areas are 100% open and have been busy making snow over the past few weeks. For cross country we will have to wait until mother nature cooperates with us. In the meantime our ice skating rink is open, we do have a limited number of skates for rent here at the hotel but if you have your own, please feel free to bring them. Our outdoor firepit will be burning for you to warm your toes after skating or to toast your marshmellows.
Sleigh rides at Nestlenook Farm right in Jackson Village are always a popular option and have you ever thought about dog sledding? Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel located in Jefferson NH offer a variety of kennel tours. Visit their web site at www.dogslednh.com or e-mail them at info@dogslednh.com

There is always a reason and a season to visit us at The Wentworth so call us today at 800-637-0013, e-mail us at reservations@thewentworth.com or visit our website at www.thewentworth.com