16th Annual Ice Carving Contest!

Monday, January 10th, The Wentworth Inn hosted the 16th Annual Ice Carving contest in Jackson, NH. Many talented ice carvers from around New England, joined us to compete and see who would win the honor of first place for their beautiful ice creation.  As the day went on, we watched as the plain heavy ice blocks transformed into beautiful ice masterpieces. The artist crated everything from Sea Turtles to Wall-E. We are proudly displaying these carvings at the front of our inn. Stop by The Wentworth Inn  to see these wonderful ice carvings, and maybe warm up with some homemade fondue and a cocktail in our lounge.

The Butterfly

Holidays at The Wentworth

The Wentworth, in Jackson Village NH will be serving a traditional Christmas Dinner from 3:00PM until 9:00PM. The inn will be decorated in it’s Christmas finery and we will have Christmas Carolers strolling through the dining room singing your favorite Christmas Carols while you dine. We would love for you to join us.x-mas

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Wentworth, in Jackson Village of the White Mountains of New Hampshire will be serving our traditional Thanksgiving dinner from 2:00PM – 8:00PM. Our turkeys were organically raised here in Jackson at the Davis Farm and we will also be serving tenderloin of Beef, Pork and North Atlantic Salmon. Of course do not forget our delicious choices for appetizers, soup, salad and dessert. We hope you will join us!

The Wentworth Fresh Pork Fest

In support of our local farmers, The Wentworth Dining Room is proud to announce our new local/regional dining concept.  We have acquired half of a fresh USDA approved 260 pound pasture raised (for the last nine months) pig at Windy Hill Farm right here in Jackson, NH.  Our pig has been farm fed supplemented with only the best organic yogurt from New Hampshire’s Stonyfield Farm.  Our chef, Brian Gazda, will be creating delicious specials this weekend with this local pig such as braised pork belly and homemade rosemary scented pork sausage.  Another local grower incorporated in these creative entrees will be Colebrook’s New Earth Organic Farm who is supplying fresh vegetables such as organically grown parsnips.

Please come by the hotel this weekend to enjoy one of Brian’s amazingly creative pork dishes from the freshes pork you can get.  You may also call the front desk for reservations at 603-383-9700.  Or, for you “touch” phone  lovers, we are now on the Open Tables application where you can simply click to create your own dinner reservations.

Amazing Photo by Philbrick Photography

The Wentworth has had the opportunity to work with one of the most amazing and creative photographers.  Jay Philbrick and his wife Vicki team up to produce such gorgeous wedding photos.  Our brides just love him.  He has this way of capturing the moment and telling a story through his photos.

We had a wedding here at The Wentworth in August with Christie and Kevin.  They were so much fun to work with and just genuinely wonderful people.  Their wedding was jam packed with only the best of everything.  Jay Philbrick was their photographer.  He captured photos from the Welcome Reception the night before, the day of the wedding and also a follow up session.  This was no ordinary session though.  With the braveness of Christie and Kevin, Jay was able to capture the most amazing photo ever…..hanging over a cliff on Cathedral Ledge.

Jay’s work has won him a number of awards one of which was first place in an International Wedding Photo competition.  One of Jay’s many gorgeous photos is also currently on the Fall/Winter cover of New Hampshire’s Magazine BRIDE.  Please check out more photos from this photos shoot at Philbrickphoto.com/RecentEvents.htm under Cliffhanger Day-After Session.

Editor’s Pick for New Hampshire’s Magazine Best of Bride 2010

The Wentworth has been honored to be chosed as an Editor’s Pick for the New Hampshire’s Magazine Best of Bride 2010 for our use of Local Foods.

“If you order a green salad at The Wentworth, www.thewentworth.com in Jackson Village, chances are the ingredients were grown right in the inn’s garden. And that is not all – the Chefs but their produce, meat, fish and cheese from local and regional vendors when possible.

This is indeed a great honor and we are very proud of our achievement.

Greetings from the Lounge Corner

Greetings to new and old friends of The Wentworth, from your Ancient Steward of the Bar! Its Fall in the mountains, the colors are beautiful, the days sunny, and nights crisp. The season of fresh mint (from my garden) Mohitos is past, and its time to consider  Autumn refreshment.  How about a mug of Wentworth Cider? First press organic apple cider from Windy Hill Farm apples, fortified with Tuaca, topped with homemade whipped cream, and finished with fresh grated nutmeg I brought back from Grenada.  Excellent hot or cold.       Or you might like to relax in front of our  fireplace and enjoy Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite beverage, the Old Fashioned.  He was a whisky man, but I prefer Makers Mark bourbon myself. Either way, a great Fall drink.

From the zugermeister at the Shipyard Brewery we have seasonal Pumpkinhead Ale—perfect compliment to our Artisan cheese plate, one of our homemade soups, and a basket of hearty fresh bread from the Seavy Street Bakery.  Look for new appetizers and selections on our Lounge Menu soon. Fondue season begins with the first snowfall.

Ellie and Virginia have just finished the Fall decorations, your table by the window is waiting, and I look forward to seeing you in The Lounge!

With best regards, Tony Betz

Fall Foliage Update

The foliage seems to be turning fast this year. This is a photograph taken from the Jackson Falls a few years ago. Already we are seeing some of the bright red colors, certainly in the mountains. The Pumpkin People of Jackson make their debut this weekend, the Fryeburg Fair is always a popular event to visit and the Jackson Historical Society hosts The White Mountain Art Show and Sale with viewing available every Saturday from 10:00AM – 4:00PM until October 15th. There is so much to do and see at this time of year, we hope you will come and visit.

The Ghoullog at Cranmore Mountain

And so the story goes…..

“Play havoc with your fears, test them if you will? Travel into a town within the woods of the GHOULLOG. A once thriving town that now has been deserted, left to rot away, due to an unknown virus that seems to have infected everyone who lives or visits here! It may be an airborne virus, or perhaps it could be in the water? Nobody really knows. Many of the  residents have left town before they have become sick. What’s left are  the infected, maddened by the toxin. If you dare to confront your fears, and roll the dice with your life, then travel through this posioned area…just be careful not to be exposed,  because there is no known cure!”

The Ghoullog at Cranmore Mountain is a must see.  It will be running weekends only from October 1st through the 30th.  Doors open at 6pm so you may enjoy the food court which serves favorites such as sausage, peppers and onion sandwiches, fried dough and popcorn, just to name a few.  You may also enjoy the Beer Garden….need I say more…and other outdoor activities.  The hauntings run from 7-10 and haunts last approximately one hour.

The Wentworth is offering a special package for our ghoullish guests.  We currently have packages available for 1 or 2 night accommodations for 2 adults.  This includes two tickets to The Ghoullog and a full country breakfast each morning for both adults.  Available dates are October 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th and rates start at $140 per night for 2 adults.  Contact the front desk at 800-637-0013 for more information.

Face your fears…..IF YOU DARE!!!!

Check Out The Wentworth’s New Menu Design!

You have got to see these menus!!!  Talk about the “WOW” factor!  Fritz and Ellie have certainly outdone themselves.

Just a few weeks ago we added a new addition to our dining room.  It is called The Lighted Menu.  At first glance it appears to be your average menu, although classy, elegant and sharp looking, but when you open it…WOW!  So cool.  The menu has a back LED light for easy reading.  How many times have you gone to a restaurant when the lights are all dimmed low for the ambiance and you strain your eyes just to read what is a foot away from you?  Not here at The Wentworth.  Fritz loves to watch the reaction on people’s faces when they open them for the first time.

The menus are full size and illuminate the moment you open the cover.  You can check the menu design on line, but to see the actual menu you have to visit The Wentworth Dining Room.

At the front of the dining room near the maitre d’ stand there is an area where you can recharge them at the end of the night so that the LED is bright and ready for the next use.  They are eco friendly which means no battery waste in landfills.  Instead, they are rechargeable and energy efficient and turn off automatically when the cover is closed to conserve the battery. The charge is held for at least 6 to 8 hours, although we’ve had one here for awhile and it is still lit bright.  Currently we have this design not only for the dinner menu but also for dessert and the lounge….I wouldn’t be surprised if Fritz adds a few more designs to the family.

Everything about the dining room is new and improved including the local farm fresh menu options.  If you’d like to make a dinner reservation, just call the front desk at 800-637-0013.  Come check out what the buzz is all about!