Condominium Unit 12A

Three bedroom town house located on Cottage Drive Hall in the Wentworth Condominium Complex. This unit is just across the street from The Wentworth Inn and within walking distance from the main inn and outdoor heated pool. It overlooks the 10th hole of The Wentworth Golf Course. This unit was re-built after a devastating fire in 2007 so everything is new and it is unlike any of our other condominiums on our rental program except for unit 12B next door. This unit is also fully air conditioned, has complimentary wireless internet, is non smoking and does not accept pets. 

Crab Cakes

1 lb of hand picked crab meat (I use Jonah Crab but Maryland Blue Crab works also)

1 whole egg

1 tablespoon of heavy cream

1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce

1 tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning

1 teaspoon of Tabasco

1 bunch of chives chopped.

1 tablespoon of chopped parsley

1/4 cup of mayo

Unsalted Saltines, crumbled.


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Current Openings - December 2014



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A New American Legend

You may not find John Barrymore and Greta Garbo on the guest list, but The Wentworth is truly a "Grand Hotel" in the European tradition, with a history that reaches back a century and a quarter to the golden age of New England resorts.

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