Arden Cottage

The Arden Cottage was built in 1869 in keeping with General Wentworth's vision of reorganizing the hotel complex under the principles of a "cottage system". The vision being that privacy for the guests would be achieved in these seperate cottages while facilitating social interaction in the public spaces of the main inn. General Wentworth employed New York City architect William A. Bates (1853 - 1922) to perform the master planning and excecute the separate building designs, most of which were Queen Anne in style. The Arden in particular was designed with shingle styles that included a variety in wall color and texture, fancy cut shingle courses, bay windows, polugonal turret, intersecting roofs and a veranda, all of which have today been carefully restored. This very unique porch remains to this day and elegantly connects the Arden Cottage to the main inn.